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Notable Ring Names: Jessie McKay, Billie Kay
From: Sydney, Australia
Born: June 23th 1989
WWE Debut: NXT; June 10th 2015
Mini Bio: Billie Kay is mean, arrogant and, if you ask her, iconic. Before pursuing sports-entertainment, Kay excelled as a basketball player in her homeland of Australia. When she first stepped in the ring, she found that her height gave her a distinct advantage over the competition. Kay spent eight years making a name for herself on the independent scene, crossing paths with the likes of Paige and Asuka.
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NXT Results -June 21st,2017
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Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay vs Ember Moon

Moon and Royce lock up. Moon takes Royce over but Royce rolls through and locks in an armbar. Moon counters into a head scissors. Royce fights out of it. Royce attempts an arm drag but Moon front flips out of it. Moon lands a dropkick and a spinning clothesline in the corner. Moon goes up top but Royce cuts her off. Royce sets up a top rope fisherman’s suplex but Moon pushes Royce off the top. Royce bumps into the referee, which allows Kay to drops Moon arm first off the top rope onto the ropes. Royce picks up Moon and sends her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Moon writhes in pain on the mat. Royce sends Moon into the opposite turnbuckle.

After the break, Royce is working over Moon’s shoulder. Moon stiff Royce with a stiff elbow. Moon lands a few kicks followed by a springboard cross body. Moon sends Royce into the corner. Moon tries a front flip clothesline but Royce almost decapitates Moon with a spin kick. Both Moon and Royce attempt spin kicks but each attack is rebuffed. Moon takes Royce over with another head scissors. Moon sets up the eclipse but Kay pulls Royce out of the ring. Moon dives off the top onto Kay. Back in the ring Moon and Kay both try crucifix pins. Neither can get the three count. Royce hits a widow’s peak for a near fall. Royce picks up Moon but Moon sends Royce head first into the turnbuckle. Moon mounts the top rope and finally hits the eclipse on Royce. Royce is done.

Winner- Ember Moon

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One response to “NXT Results -June 21st,2017”

  1. KWM says:

    True friendship! Billie is always there for Peyton! Sad she had to lose.

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